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Since I was 16, I travelled to Africa and always felt drawn to the African

continent with the beautiful skies, nature and of course, its people.

After stepping into my parent’s footsteps by joining their business in

my early 20ties, I had the opportunity to travel more extensively through the

African continent, meeting so many beautiful cultures and people

throughout my business trips, in mainly Sub-Saharan Africa.

During my business career, I have successfully provided governments and

aid organisations for over 15 years now with renewable energy solutions

throughout Africa working, in close partnerships, with local companies in

order to improve millions of lives.

The need for education, safe health services, electricity and food always

has been a great concern of mine and throughout all the years I also privately

tried to help wherever I could with the support of friends and family.

We must educate young people and improve the health system in order to

see real developments and improvements in communities who do not have

this basic fsupporting structures.

It now seemed a good time, to go one step further and set up a company which professionally finances green projects to increase and speed up the implementation of the so urgently needed renewable power supply in Africa.

Governments and big aid organisations are active but there are still many areas where activities are completely lacking support and funding.

Due to my experience in this field over the last 15 years, I am confident and determined to positively impact social environments and communities.

Transparency is important, so if you any have questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

I am looking forward to making this success with your help!

Yours, Nici

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my story.

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