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about us




Our mission is to improve the lives of 10 Million people by the end of 2027 by providing stable and green power supply to hospitals, schools and orphanages in Sub-Saharan Africa.


We founded ENGO with the sole purpose to make fast changes by implementing projects with big impact on communities at low administration costs and by giving our donors the option to track where their donation is spent.


We want to install Solar Systems and connect them with medical devices, lighting equipment and other necessary appliances. With these installed systems, we can ensure better health care services, safety and education for many African communities and increase CO2 reduction.

We avoid high administration costs and lengthy project procedures, by optimizing the project planning and local involvements. We can install projects with long impact and lower costs and tell you where your money was spent. We guarantee a minimum lifetime of 10 years for the system.


100% of your donation will fund the project.

We build local teams and subcontract long-term in country companies to boost local economies.

You will receive updates on where and how your money is spent with data on impact, location and several more features!

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