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Electricity Access in Africa

According to recent measures, around 29% of Africa’s Sub-Saharan Rural Population have access to electricity.

What people often do not understand is that this does not mean that they have an actual working electricity network.

There are many power shortages, power cuts or disconnected transmission lines, meaning that the community has to switch on generators or work without electricity.

So, the figures mentioned in the reports are accurate on paper but not in real life.

We have spoken to many villages and communities and have set as our goals to provide them with reliable energy for their main buildings, such as schools and health centres and make sure that they have uninterrupted power supply 24/7.

100% of all your donation will go directly to the project and villagers and provide them with this uninterrupted power supply. We will provide you with updates and pictures.

Join our cause and be part of our community in changing the world!

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